The Pistol Build~

- Upper: 10.5” Aero Precision Barrel, YHM gas block folding front sight & rear sight, Primary Arms Micro Red dot, Strike Industries Mitch handguard, AR Charging Handle & J-Comp FH, PSA Blem Stripped Upper with logo, and AIMS NiB BCG.

- Lower: 80% Lower painted with VHT engine block paint job (Flat black), KNS Zombie Green Mod 2 Pins, PSA classic LPK, Strike Industries Trigger Guard, Umbrella Corp. Grip 23 with cut Hogue grip sleeve, Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer tube Cover with MFT stock saddle.

Truly, this is my most proudest build. This was my first time doing an 80% lower (The cuts aren’t perfect but seems functional; I will shoot it soon). I’ve been in budget thanks to the Memorial Day sales and sniping items last minute on eBay auctions. The only items I paid full price for were the Strike Industries parts (And they are decently priced already!) and the Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer Tube (fits excellent).

Please enjoy these pictures as I’ve enjoyed this build.  

After shooting it now for a couple of weeks, I finally got the Cheap 22 Madness to where I want it. You will first notice it now has a S&W M&P-22 magazine. With the Better-Mag adapter, the bolt holds open every time the magazine is finished. Also, these magazines are so much easier to load compared to the stock CMMG magazines. 

I have shot a variety of 22LR brands: American Eagle, Remington, Federal Walmart value pack/Federal Automatch. I won’t lie, there were a couple of stovepipes; But infrequent.    

Overall, I’m very pleased with this build and I would recommend the CMMG 22LR conversion kit with the Better-Mag adapter and S&W magazines. 

The other week, I stopped by my local gun shop and picked up an ATI Omni Polymer Lower for $34.00 (not including tax/DROS). Now I know many reviewed it questioning its durability and longevity. But for my application and the price, I wanted to try it out. And so behold, my newly assembled dedicated 22LR AR-15.

The Cheap 22 Madness~

  • -ATI Omni Polymer lower: PSA LPK (Round Hammer), MFT grip, Seeking Blue Magazine Release, & a Cheap eBay Buffer Tube with a leftover PSA M4 Stock.
  • -Leftover PSA Blem upper: Custom .44 Magnum Forward Assist Plug, CMMG 16” dedicated 22LR Adapter/Barrel, CMMG Polymer Charging Handle, CMMG “Bravo” Conversion Kit, CMMG Bolt Open Adapter, Magpul F/R MBUS, Omega Tactical 12” FF Handguard & YHM 5C2 FH.

First thoughts: I’m very pleased on how it turned out. The only complaint is the Bolt Open Adapter. It seems to works when it wants to even after adjustments. I may switch to the Better-Mag adapter and run S&W M&P 22-15 mags. I’m also waiting for my dust cover to come in.

Conclusion: I’m using a lot of spare parts from other builds. And in my opinion, for the money spent to create this dedicated 22LR AR-15 is more worth it than buying a ready to run 22LR AR-15.

(Well… We will see after I shoot it). 

I thought I would share my handgun collection.

No classic duvet background (I got some comments about that haha).

-S&W Model 686-6 6” .357 Magnum.

-S&W Model 586-4 4” Pre-lock .357 Magnum.

-RIA GI “Plain Jane” 1911 45ACP.

-Glock 17 Gen 3 9mm.

-Glock 19 Gen 3 9mm.

-Beretta 92FS 9mm.

-S&W 642-2 38spl.

The Final Build~    

20” FDE Personally Built AR-15. 

-Anderson Manufacturing Lower & Magpul FDE ACS stock.

-PSA Blem upper: BCM 20” Barrel, Smith Vortex Flash Eliminator, BCM mod4 CH, Rainer Arms NiB BCG, & DPMS upper parts.

-Midwest Industries FDE Gen 2 SS-Series FF HG & Umbrella Corp. Grip 23 painted in Brownells Aluma-Hyde II - Earth Brown.

-Nikon P-223 3-9X40 Scope with Nikon M-223 Scope mount.

Rock Island Armory “Plain Jane” 1911

-Wilson Combat Drop in parts.

The Second Build is complete.

"Carbine" Length Personally Build AR-15

-JD Machine “CALGUNS” Lower & Magpul CTR stock.

-PSA Blem upper: ARStoner 16” Barrel, YHM 5C2 FH, BCM mod4 CH, WMD NiB BCG, & SAA upper parts.

-CAA XRS6 6-rail HG, Magpul AFG2 & MFT EPG16 grips.

-Bushnell TRS-25 & Magpul MBUS.

Glock 17 Gen 3 

-Truglo TFO sights

-GripForce back strap.

Coming Soon. 

Coming Soon. 

Mid-Length Personally Built AR-15

-Aero Precision Lower & PSA M4 style stock with MFT saddle.

-PSA Mid-Length Upper.

-Magpul OD green furniture/accessories & Hogue grips.

-Nikon P223 scope.

Police Retired Beretta 92FS

-Hogue wrap around grips.

Cheap guns that shoot so well.
Mossberg Maverick 88 & RIA “Plain Jane” 1911.

Cheap guns that shoot so well.

Mossberg Maverick 88 & RIA “Plain Jane” 1911.

Retired S&W 586-4. Bento packed with the .357ssssssssss

Retired S&W 586-4. Bento packed with the .357ssssssssss